Coffee – The Daily Grind (250g)

Coffee – The Daily Grind (250g)


Delivery only to Manawatu, Wellington and Kapiti Coast.

Flavour notes: green apple, brown sugar, milk chocolate, with a lovely sweet finish.

The perfect blend to get you pumped each morning. A big part of our lives is wellness. For us, wellness is keeping active. The Daily Grind is all about getting up each day at Zero 6, gathering the energy and will power to get to the gym, or get the trainers on and go for a walk or run.

The Daily Grind helps us get there, the caffeine fuels us each day. It’s perfect for on the go. Whether its a home espresso machine or a plunger as you head out the door to the office, school drop off, meetings, the in-laws, or any other daily routine that requires a pick-me-up.

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