Coffee – The Operator (1KG)

Coffee – The Operator (1KG)


Delivery only to Manawatu, Wellington and Kapiti Coast.

Flavour notes: milk chocolate, toffee, boysenberry
This blend is a tribute to a previous life.

“While always having a passion for coffee, I came from a tactical operations world which was always high octane. Coffee got me through. Some of my closest relationships were formed in this world while sharing coffee. Working with teammates who were risking their lives for each other is a bond few get a share. I was lucky to work alongside some of the best operators in New Zealand. To be able to offer some sort of support and recognition now I’m on the outside is critical to me and my purpose”.

The Operator is strong, from the alarm going off at Zero6 to the end of the day, this is a coffee that sets you up for whatever might get thrown at you.

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Whole Beans, Plunger

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